Long ago, our ancestors were inspired by the gods through the forms of rocks and trees.
They reflected upon nature and attempted to distill such experiences domestically in a human scale.
Thus began Japanese gardening history 1400 years ago,and which constituents the larger inheritance of Japanese culture.


Was established from the idea of Zen and expresses seas and rivers using white gravels instead of actual water.
Kare-San-Sui presents the assence of nature.

Pond garden
A garden which has a pond with waterfalls or small islands in the center. You can enjoy a changing view through the four seasons.


A miniaturised garden forming a green courtyard to surrounding rooms,
and offering a distillation of nature.

Borrowing view garden
A garden which assimilates views of a surrounding environment.
This method is a traditional way of making Japanese gardens incorporate large scale.

(a garden for tea ceremony)
Originates from tea ceremony, which started 500 years ago.
The characterstics of Cha-niwa are still much used in modern Japanese gardens.
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